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Modular Wash Bay Systems

Portable & Affordable Modular Wash Bay Systems

ECOseals Oceania specialises in creating custom-built modular wash bay systems using a patented design that is light, portable and affordable! Now you don’t have to choose between costly modular wash bay systems or easily weathered alternatives.

Our modular wash bay systems are designed using lightweight panels made from composite materials that are waterproof. They keep heavy chemicals in, ensuring the ground is protected from contaminants while providing long-lasting durability.

In fact, our modular panels are designed to last a lifetime, with a prediction to last from 30-60 years depending on their use.

Whether your modular wash bay systems are for cars or large, heavy machinery, our portable, cost-effective modular panels are the perfect solution for flooring and chemical storage.

Our panels can even be reused for multiple purposes, so if you just need a temporary modular wash bay system, or chemical storage for a temporary building site – our panels can be easily transported and reused from site to site.

Custom-Built Systems With A Range of Features

Here at ECOseals, our team is highly experienced in delivering custom-built modular wash bay systems for a range of business needs across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

We can design your wash bay to be roofed or unroofed. Our roofed wash bays are great for total containment, while our unroofed solutions work well for heavy and tall machinery required for construction.

Whatever the case, we offer complimentary consultations to create a custom-design that will work best for you. We can also offer additional features such as a waste water management systems and chemical storage solutions – all made using are durable, lightweight modular flooring panels.

Our panels are also sustainably made. In fact, our eco-friendly modular wash bay systems utilise a patented design that contributes less than half of the CO2 emissions used for concrete or steel alternatives.

With a functional design that can carry up to 10x the weight, and a lifetime guarantee, it’s no wonder ECOseals modular wash bay systems are leading the way in innovative, sustainable chemical solutions across the South Pacific.

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