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Wash Bay Systems

Wash Bay Systems for Vehicles and Heavy Duty Equipment

If you’re looking for efficient and effective wash bay systems that cater to a wide range of machinery, ECOseals Oceania have the answer for you. Using the patented ECOseals industrial flooring, our wash bays are waterproof, chemical resistant, and extremely durable. They’re also completely weatherproof and repel moisture, mould, and UV damage. Unlike steel and concrete, the composite technology is designed to retain its structural integrity for the duration of its 30 – 60 years life-expectancy!

Our wash bay systems are customised based on your unique requirements, and we offer a free design proposal and quote for any customers across New Zealand, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. No matter what shape, size or capabilities you’re looking for, we can supply the systems you need. Some of the options available for the configuration of your wash bay include:

  • Vehicle wash gantries
  • Roofing
  • Liquid-tight wall panels
  • Above ground chemical storage facilities

Who Can Benefit From ECOseals Wash Bay Systems?

The lightweight and portable nature of the ECOseals modular technology means that it’s extremely versatile in application. In particular, it can be highly useful for temporary construction sites, engineering camps, and industrial work sites. Instead of moving vehicles and machinery to a fixed location for cleaning, our wash bay systems can be erected and dismantled at each job site – saving you time, money, and hassle. Other businesses and organisations that can benefit from our wash bay systems are:

  • Councils
  • Car washes and bus depots
  • Garages and workshops
  • Car and machine hire companies
  • Quarantine yards, and more…

Convenient Wash Bay Systems

For the installation of an ECOseals wash bay, only minimal site preparation is required. Our systems are an above ground solution, so there’s no need to undertake expensive earthworks or excavation. The flooring panels can be laid directly on the ground, or existing concrete foundations, with a thin layer of sand, cement stabiliser sand, or crusher dust to build a slope for drainage. Best of all, once installation is complete, your wash bay is ready for action!

Contact us today for more information about a design proposal and quote for your business requirements.