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Solutions for anything that needs washing

ECOseals offer heavy duty, environmentally responsible solutions to complex, industrial washing, wastewater, and stormwater management issues. Our wash bays are the solution when business require a facility to wash heavy equipment, in addition to cars, trucks and busses. They are also ideal to  safely clean all variety of other industrial equipment. For example, forklifts, earth moving machinery, harvesters, container port and mining equipment.

ECOseals wash bays feature patented composite flooring and can be supplied with walls and pumping / treatment systems. 

 The best solution for a business’ specific needs will be discussed in our initial consultation. 

Industrial Wash Bay flooring by ECOseals

What’s Unique About ECOseals Industrial Flooring Wash Bays?

ECOseals floor panels and wash bays are based on a maintenance-free, waterproof, chemical resistant, highly durable, patented composite material.

Over 20 years experience in environmental protection innovation

Modular Wash Bay Solutions by ECOseals

ECOseals systems are modular, portable and durable enough for use with heavy duty equipment and vehicles such as trucks, buses, tractors, cranes, mining dump trucks.

The creators of ECOseals are an internationally recognised company founded in The Netherlands with over 20 years experience in environmental protection innovation. ECOseals BV manufactures the panels under licence of ECOHolding BV. ECOseals Oceania Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor in the Pacific Region of Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

ECOseals can supply heavy machinery wash, car wash, truck wash, and bus wash bays,  chemical storage systems and fuel transfer fscilities. Businesses and organisations that may have use of such systems include, but are not limited to:

♦  Car washes

♦  Bus depots

♦  Councils

♦  Garages

♦  Civil and industrial work sites

♦  Car and equipment rental companies

♦  Mining companies

♦  Workshops

♦  Quarantine yards

♦  Construction companies

♦  Machine hire companies

♦  Services stations

Any work site that requires additional environmental precautions for chemical, hazardous waste, asbestos and fuel contamination, or risk of weed contamination.

ECOseals is a unique product, registered under patent number 1041020.

It comes with a comprehensive warranty and a functional life expectancy of at least 30 – 60 years. BRE Centre for Composites Construction has given durability estimates even up to 100 years.



Industrial Wash Bays

♦  Chemical resistant

♦  Tested to gross load limits of 60 tonnes

♦  Proven leading-edge waterproof composite technology

♦  10 times lighter and stronger than similar concrete options

♦  A modular system that is fully customisable, with numerous additional features available

♦  Able to use existing pavement or concrete slab as foundation, requiring no earthworks for installation or removal

♦  Fitted with an integrated, above ground drainage and wastewater collection system featuring universal standard waterproof fittings

more economical to install and transport than steel industrial flooring panel alternatives.

♦ ECOseals’ panels also feature integrated, above ground drainage systems, maximising portability and minimising hassle in moving the system.

Dimensions:  Each unit is L 5500 x W 2250 x H 70 mm and weighs 750kg. These dimensions are inline with universal standards, making it possible to transport ECOseals in standard size shipping containers.

Weather & Humidity Resistance:  ECOseals will not crack, warp, or crumble. It is resistant to all standard external stressors including humidity, mould, heat stress or UV damage. This means that the composite material itself requires no maintenance or repairs.

Environmental impact: Production and use of ECOseals represents a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions in comparison to the use of steel or concrete in the same context.

Cradle to cradle; at the end of its life, the containment pad can be  recycled into a new product, so ultimately there will be no waste. 

For easier access to these specifications download the concise ECOseals Information Sheet below:

Modular Wash bays Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea