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Commercial Truck Wash Equipment

Economical Commercial Truck Wash Equipment Flooring

Now there is an economical solution available for all of your commercial truck wash equipment needs. ECOseals Oceania provides panels for industrial flooring, perfect for the storage of heavy equipment, harsh chemicals, or commercial wash bay equipment.

Our eco friendly panels are portable, custom-made to suit your commercial truck wash equipment requirements, at a price that is economical.

Not only are our industrial flooring panels affordable, they are also long-lasting, estimated to last up to 60 years or more. With little maintenance required over the products life-cycle, this makes ECOseals commercial truck wash equipment flooring the perfect solution for equipment and vehicle wash bays.

Other Reasons Our Customers Choose ECOseals Modular Flooring:

Quality Materials: Our flooring is made from a concrete-alternative composite material that is lightweight and water tight. Our approach is innovative, utilising the latest in technology to create our unique product.

Highly Durable:  Unlike concrete, our commercial truck wash equipment panels do not lose structural integrity over time, crack or buckle under the pressure of harsh chemicals, heavy machinery, and natural elements.

Environmentally Safe: ECOseals Oceania does it’s part to help the planet by reducing CO2 emissions by fifty percent its average counterparts. These materials are so liquid tight they also protect soil from corrosive chemical contamination and waste water.

Above Ground Installation: No digging is required to lay down these commercial truck wash equipment panels. We can install our flooring above existing foundations, or use concrete dust or sand to lay a thin foundation. That’s all we require.

Custom-Built to Suit Your Needs

Our panels are easily transported and can be used on walls and roofs in addition to flooring for a number of sites and wash bays. No matter the size or weight of your commercial truck wash equipment, our panels can be built to accommodate.

With service across the South Pacific, our customers enjoy the long-lasting, low maintenance benefits of ECOseals Modular Industrial Flooring.

To speak with a representative or get a quote, contact us today by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.