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Commercial Truck Wash

Low-Maintenance Commercial Truck Wash Flooring

ECOseals Oceania provides economically sustainable flooring that is low-maintenance, perfect for all of your commercial truck wash needs. Made from lightweight composite materials that are portable, and outmatched in durability and quality, these panels are made especially for commercial truck wash bays, chemical storage, and more.

These specially made panels are highly resistant to chemicals and are sealed to prevent liquid leaks and contamination. Often, concrete alternatives weather and crack overtime, letting waste liquid through and contaminating the earth. This can cause serious problems long-term – requiring maintenance that is costly on time and financial resources, not to mention the negative impact to the earth.

The ECOseals commercial truck wash flooring panels are made from premium concrete alternatives for this reason, meeting all your wash bay, heavy equipment storage, and waste water drainage requirements for as long as you need it.

A Custom, Easy-To-Install Solution

Our patented eco-friendly designs can be custom-built to suit a range of commercial truck wash shapes, sizes and needs. No matter the size of the vehicle, equipment, or area, the ECOseals modular industrial flooring panels are made to use immediately after installation.

With exclusive service and distribution to all of Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea – are panels can be installed above existing foundations, and are created using the latest in European Standard Environmental Integrity.

Our commercial truck wash panels, are ready when you are – and can even be reused, providing maximum value at a reasonable price.

With ECOseals Industrial Flooring, You Are:

  • Saving Time & Money: Low-Maintenance, means less burden on your resources overtime.
  • Contributing to the Planet: In addition to proper waste water management, our Eco-Friendly commercial truck wash flooring is made using half the emissions of any comparative products.
  • Capitalising on Resources: Besides commercial truck wash bays, these panels can also be used for storage, walls and roofing – making this an economic resource available for multi-use.

With more than 20 years of innovative experience, and a patented design that uses the latest in technological advances, find out how ECOseals Oceania can custom-build the perfect solution for you.