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Heavy Machinery, Bus & Truck Wash Industrial Flooring that is:


ECOseals heavy machinery, bus & truck wash solutions feature all the same benefits as our car wash products, only upsized! Our modular and lightweight, portable design means we can easily offer you a customised truck wash set up and lay out that is perfect for your specific business requirements.


The Standard Features for the ECOseals Bus & Truck Wash Bays

Designed to meet business, vehicle and environmental regulations and need, these specifically engineered contamination containment pads and associated modules address a range of industrial applications. From light vehicle, bus, and boat washing to mining and oilfield services, our portable heavy machinery, bus and truck wash bays can provide an economical alternative to steel and concrete wash pads.

Exceptional ECOseals Truck Wash features as standard

Product life-expectancy
30 – 60 years min.

 Tested on up to 60 tonne vehicles
and axle load of 40 tonne 

 Completely portable & customisable

Modular, Chemical Storage
Bus & Truck Wash Advantages

ECOseals modular designs, wastewater, fuel transfer and chemical storage systems are all above ground and are installed on existing pavement, or straight on the ground, with minimal site preparation, no excavations and earthworks, superior chemical receptivity and containment, available for immediate use, and are portable

Truck Wash Bay Solutions by ECOseals
Truck Wash Bay Solutions by ECOseals

The Cost Effective Alternative to Steel & Concrete  LIGHTWEIGHT | CHEMICAL RESISTANT | DURABLE

ECOseals wash bay floor panels

ECOseals portable, modular, above ground lightweight pads are a viable alternative to steel and concrete wash bays. The “lightweight” factor takes all the advantages a product of this nature delivers to a whole new level.

Having the ability to relocate a wash bay on demand, means set up is efficient, options regarding drive on and drive off access, as well as side walls and all weather catering is available as required.

ECOseals Oceania Pty Ltd specialise in modular wash bay solutions, wastewater treatment and wash water recycling systems to industry, car, bus, tractor and truck hire and sales companies, automotive garages, large fleet operators and independent car wash operators.

ECOseals supplies car wash bays, truck wash bays, bus wash bays, heavy machinery wash bays, and chemical storage systems to suite our clients unique and customised needs.

Some of the organisations/applications are:

♦  Mining companies

♦  Workshops

♦  Import / export quarantine yards

♦  Construction sites

♦  Car and equipment hire companies

♦  Waste management companies

♦  Car washes

♦  Bus depots

♦  Councils

♦  Garages

♦  Civil and industrial work sites

♦  Service Stations

Wash Bay Solutions by ECOseals
Ecoseals Module Composite Flooring