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Truck Wash Equipment

Tailored Modular Panels For Truck Wash Equipment Storage

ECOseals Oceania specialises in providing an all-in-one, tailored modular panel solution that can be used for all of your truck wash equipment and wash bay needs. Designed to be portable, light-weight, and long-lasting, our multi-use panels have been tested to withstand up to 60 tonne vehicles carrying an axle load of 20 tonne’s.

Best of all, these panels are built to last for up to six decades, with some even predicting they could last up to a century, with very little maintenance required. Even with the weight of heavy truck wash equipment, our panels do not crack under pressure or harsh chemicals unlike concrete alternatives, do not weather, lose their structure, warp, or let waste water leak into the soil below.

The experienced team at ECOseals Oceania can also custom design and build the perfect set up and layout for your commercial wash bay and truck wash equipment needs, available anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Much research, time, testing and trailing has gone into providing an innovative product that meets all truck wash equipment and commercial wash bay needs, be it for flooring, storage, watertight walls and even roofing.

The ECOseals Oceania Difference

Aside from using high quality composite products for our flooring which make it a longer-lasting, more durable choice as opposed to concrete, ECOseals Oceania panels can be custom built for:

  • Multiple Uses – Storage, Walls, Flooring
  • Varied Sizes & Setups
  • Commercial Vehicle Washes Large or Small
  • Optional Waste Water Management & Treatment Systems

This product lends well to above-ground installation, meaning no excavations or earth works are required to use our industrial eco-friendly flooring. So whether your truck wash equipment flooring is starting to crack and wear, or needs to be fully replaced, our industrial, modular flooring panels will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Yes, our truck wash equipment panels can also be used immediately after installation, potentially saving your business in unnecessary costs associated with the halt of business operations.

We also offer complimentary design proposals and quotes, so send us an enquiry today!