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Industrial Flooring Panels

ECOseals Industrial Flooring Panels are the Cost-Effective Choice!

Here at ECOseals, we specialise in patented industrial flooring panels that utilise innovative technology and design to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective and highly durable containment pads, well suited across a wide range of applications.

Designed in the Netherlands, with exclusive distribution to Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, our industrial flooring panels require minimal maintenance, are predicted to last up to 100 years, and can be easily transported from site to site. This makes our panels extremely cost-effective, with the option for ECOseals to configure your industrial flooring panels into wash bay systems, chemical storage units and more.

In fact, whatever the intended use, ECOseals can customise our panels to suit your purposes. Our industrial flooring panels are commonly used for:

  • Car Wash Bay Systems
  • Truck & Heavy Machinery Wash Bay Systems
  • Chemical Storage
  • Walls & Roofing
  • Temporary On-Site Storage or Useage
  • Taxi & Bus Depots
  • Mining & Quarantine Yards

With easy installation, and minimal maintenance required, it’s no wonder ECOseals modular panels are a popular choice for many industrial businesses across Australasia.

Why Choose ECOseals Modular Flooring?

Our panels offer a range of benefits that are unmatched by concrete or steel alternatives. Our panels are lighter, easier to install, and more durable. While concrete can often crack and weather over time, our panels are built to last and keep liquid in. This ensures waste water is contained, with the option to add wastewater management systems depending on your needs.

Our industrial flooring panels come with a wide range of benefits:

  • For the Planet: We keep harmful chemicals out of the ground, and utilise up to 50% less CO2 emissions while manufacturing our products.
  • For Your Budget: Low maintenance, high durability, and the ability to reuse and transport our panels across worksites make them a highly affordable option.
  • For Your Operations: Our panels are very easy to install, requiring no excavations or earthworks. This means, your operations can continue running smoothly.

To find our more about how our industrial flooring panels can be custom-designed to suit your commercial or industrial needs, contact us today by phone or email. Our experienced team is ready to deliver the solutions you need!