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Chemical Resistant Industrial Flooring

Affordable, Long-Lasting Chemical Resistant Industrial Flooring

At ECOseals Modular Industrial Flooring, we provide affordable, long-lasting chemical resistant industrial flooring solutions, perfect for heavy machinery, commercial car and truck wash bays, chemical storage, and so much more.

Our chemical resistant industrial flooring panels are made from light, liquid-sealed composite material that are low maintenance, and built to last for anywhere between 30 to 60 years. In fact, our eco-friendly industrial flooring is even predicted to last for up to 100 years. That’s a lot of time and money saved long-term on costly replacements and repairs.

Unlike it’s concrete alternatives, our industrial flooring materials do not crack, weather from the use of harsh chemicals, or lose structural integrity. Our flooring is lightweight, portable, and can even be re-used, making it an easy choice for all of your chemical resistant industrial flooring needs.

With no earthworks required for installation, our chemical resistant industrial flooring is perfect for quick, above-ground installation ready for use right away. This ensures your business can continue its smooth flow of operations without much pause, providing a win for both you and your customers. Depending on your needs, we can also offer additional options to ensure there is no underground contamination, such as water waste and treatment solutions customised for your wash bay, chemical storage, and flooring needs.

An Earth-Friendly, Sustainable Option

Our chemical resistant industrial flooring is an earth friendly option, easily customised to meet all your commercial wash bay needs. Compared to its concrete alternatives, we use half the CO2 emissions in the making of our industrial flooring panels.

Here How Our Chemical Resistant Industrial Flooring Can Meet Your Needs:

  • We Service A Ride Geographical Region: We service all of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, and have over 25 years experience.
  • Latest In Innovation: Innovation is always at the forefront of our mind, utilising the latest in technology and design for peace of mind.

  • Wide Range of Uses: Our chemical resistant industrial flooring can be used for wash bays for vehicles of various sizes, civil, industrial, building, and construction sites, quarantine yards, mine sites, transportation depots, and so much more. In addition to flooring, our panels can also be used for walls and roofing.

To find out more about how ECOseals Chemical Resistant Industrial Flooring can match your needs, contact us today by phone or email.