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ECOseals Composite Modular Flooring 

Innovative and exceptionally durable and strong industrial flooring for all your wash bay and chemical storage solution needs

ECOseals Australia can provide turn key projects for small vehicle or equipment wash bays to large wash facilities for mining and port equipment incl.

    • waste water treatment systems
    • waste water recycling systems
    • under body and wheel wash systems


With over 20 years experience and research in the area of soil preservation and industrial flooring innovation, ECOseals is able to offer vehicle and machinery washing systems, and chemical storage systems that are good for all of those involved – your budget, your clients, and the planet.

ECOseals Industrial Flooring is predicted to last up to 100 years

The exceptional durability of ECOseals’ flagship industrial flooring product has a predicted life-expectancy of 30 – 60 years, with the experts at BRE Centre for Composites Construction offering predictions of up to 100 years usability! ECOseals industrial flooring modules are designed for traffic class 600, which means they are suitable for loads of 60 tonnes with axle loads of 20 tonnes as a minimum. However the pads have been tested for 20 ton wheel loads which means they are suitable for large mining dump trucks, container reach stackers  and other heavy machinery.  Because of their unique composition, unlike similar products, ECOseals’ industrial flooring modules are virtually immune to cracks, warping, and climate related blights such as high humidity, fungal growth, or UV damage.


 Highly portable – designed to fit universal shipping measurements

 Installed over the top of existing concrete slabs

 10 times lighter than similar concrete constructions

 more economical to install and transport than steel industrial flooring panel alternatives.

 ECOseals’ panels also feature integrated, above ground drainage systems, maximising portability and minimising hassle in moving the system.

Industrial Flooring &
Wash Bay Solutions that is Cost Effective

ECOseals’ exclusive industrial flooring durability, coupled with the ease with which the systems can be moved to new sites is what makes it a highly cost effective option. Each system is modular and can easily be configured to your business’ unique site, needs and location. Each system can also be reconfigured with minimal time, energy, and expense in a new location when needed. These factors are what make ECOseals the solution that could easily span generations.

Industrial Containment Flooring
that Addresses Environmental Responsibility

ECOseals is a company that proudly puts environmental responsibility at the forefront of its product development. For example, our patented industrial flooring product contributes 50% less CO2 emissions than comparable products made of steel or concrete. Download our product information sheet for more details on our products and systems.

Industrial Containment Flooring
that is Water Authority Compliant

Using a unique, patented waterproof composite industrial flooring and European standard collection and storage systems, ECOseals’ systems are Water Authority compliant across Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. (When installed and used as per manufacturer’s guidelines.)

ECOseals Oceania Pty Ltd
is the exclusive distributor of the composite containment flooring in the
Pacific Region of Australia, New Zealand,
and Papua New Guinea.



Our modular, liquid-tight industrial, composite flooring has special qualities for refuelling and industrial cleaning. The high chemical resistance speaks for itself and is, above all, very robust.

A highly professional facility with large capacity, suitable for almost every situation. This mobile concept is based on our sustainable liquid-tight composite floor with many additional facilities.

Industrial Flooring by ECOseals