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Commercial Car Wash

A Durable Commercial Car Wash Solution

ECOseals Modular Industrial Flooring is the perfect solution for all your commercial car wash needs. Our portable panels are extremely innovative and durable, suitable for Heavy Equipment Wash Bays, Cars and Trucks.

Our commercial flooring is built to last for up to 60 years, made from highly durable composite materials that do not weather, crack or lose structure over time unlike many concrete floor options. With high resistance to the effects of harsh chemicals and other elements, our industrial flooring also requires little maintenance, saving you both time and money long-term.

Our commercial car wash system can also be fitted with waste water treatment and discharge systems, ensuring there is no contamination in the soil or groundwater.

Our Commercial Car Wash Flooring Is Eco Friendly

We are proud to provide cutting edge industrial flooring solutions that are both innovative in technology and design, and eco friendly. The process used to create our patented commercial car wash flooring reduces CO2 emissions to 50% that of other concrete or steel products. We are the exclusive distributor across the South Pacific – including Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

Our panels can be fully customised and are designed to be installed above existing concrete or ground. No excavations are required, only a stable foundation made from crusher dust or cement stabilised sand may be required to enhance liquid and waste drainage.

Our Customers Also Enjoy These Benefits

  • Cost Effective – above all, our eco flooring solution is affordable and long lasting, meaning you save money both short term and long term.
  • Fully Customisable – we can customise our flooring to suit most industrial commercial car wash requirements, including washing systems for a range of vehicles, and even wash bays that are custom for irregular machinery and equipment.
  • Multi-Use – our technology can be used for equipment washing, storage of chemicals, industrial cleaning, and so much more. Our panels are also light, easy to install, and can even be reused.
  • Industry Experience – we have more than 20 years experience when it comes to innovative flooring solutions.

To discuss your needs you can contact us by email or phone. We look forward to providing your business with the perfect commercial car wash solution.