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Portable Chemical Storage

Who Can Benefit From Portable Chemical Storage?

Rather than always being attached to a home base, industrial equipment and machinery is often transported and used in a number of locations that consistently change as business requires. Since routine maintenance requires that these vehicles are regularly cleaned, it is necessary to have a suitable wash bay on-site. Rather than spending extra time and money transporting vehicles back to base for this, an ECOseals wash bay with portable chemical storage attached is the ideal solution.

Our wash bays are comprised of patented industrial flooring materials, with the ability for portable chemical storage options to be attached as necessary. ECOseals wash bays are designed to be easily transported due to their comparatively lightweight design, making them far more convenient than concrete or steel alternatives.

Our industrial wash bay solutions and portable chemical storage are of great value to companies that deal in construction, mining, bus and car bays, transport, farming and agriculture, and more. With an expected lifespan of 30 years minimum, choosing an ECOseals product is also an investment for the long term. While this sounds like an exaggeration, we can assure you that it’s not – BRE Centre for Composites Construction has even estimated durability of up to 100 years. We also confidently provide comprehensive warranties with all of our products.

International Standard Portable Chemical Storage Solutions

When chemicals are in use, local water compliance requires that extreme care is exercised to avoid soil and waterway contamination. Our waterproof industrial flooring and storage systems have been designed to meet high international standards of water protection and environmental sustainability. As such, our wash bays and portable chemical storage have been designed to stand up against the environmental risks posed by Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

To learn more about ECOseals’ portable chemical storage options, please call us today on 0447 444 450 or see our website.