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Chemical Storage Solutions

Quality Chemical Storage Solutions You Can Trust

If you’re a commercial or industrial business in need of chemical proof storage or modular flooring, ECOseals Oceania is at your service with quality chemical storage solutions you can trust.

For commercial and industrial businesses that require durable chemical solutions, finding the right quality of materials that withstand the intensity of harsh chemicals over time can be difficult.

Add in trying to find a sustainable solution that is cost-effective for you, good for the planet, and light and portable – and you’re running out of options.

This is where ECOseals Modular Industrial panels come in. They are designed using the latest in innovative technology, using liquid-tight composite materials that work for a range of applications.

Our panels are ideal for chemical storage solutions, flooring, walls and roofing. We specialise in creating custom-built solutions that can be made to suit any type of commercial space, worksite, or requirements needed for your chemical solutions.

Built to Last Up to 60 Years

Our quality modular panels are built to withstand the tests of time and the weathering of natural elements, predicted to last between 30-60 years depending on frequency of use. Unlike concrete flooring – which is susceptible to cracks and weathering over time – our panels offer the perfect alternative for your chemical storage solutions.

In addition, our specialised panels are moisture, mould and UV proof, making them a great, sustainable and affordable storage option.

With a range of configuration options, our modular chemical storage solutions can be built to any specification for a range of business uses. Businesses that most commonly use our panels include:

  • Commercial Wash Bays (All Size Vehicles)
  • Construction Sites
  • Mining Sites
  • Bus Depots
  • Quarantine Yards
  • Temporary construction camps
  • Long-term Chemical Storage Solutions
  • And, so much more!

Find out how ECOseals can help you with the perfect chemical storage solutions, at a price you can afford! Call us today on 0447 444 450, or send us an enquiry via our website. We’d love to build a custom solution just for you!