ECOseals Chemical Storage & Wastewater Solutions

ECOseals offer heavy duty, environmentally responsible chemical storage solutions to complex, industrial washing, wastewater, and stormwater management issues. Our wash bay systems are the solution when your business requires a facility to wash heavy equipment, in addition to cars, trucks and busses, or to be able to safely clean all variety of other industrial equipment. For example, forklifts, earth moving machinery, harvesters, container port equipment, and so on.

ECOseals have engineered heavy duty chemical storage solutions designed to withstand any and all of the environmental pressures Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea have to offer.

ECOseals - chemical storage industrial flooring solutions

Chemical Storage & Water Treatment Solutions

ECOseals industrial flooring is your solution if you need to meet chemical storage and water treatment requirements and regulations for:

♦  Vehicles hire locations

♦  Car sale yards

♦  Roofed wash bays

♦  Unroofed wash bays

♦  Roofed wash bays

♦  Customised wash down facilities

♦  Mining vehicle wash-down bays

♦  Light & heavy truck & bus bays

Some of the industry challenges ECOseals can help you overcome includes

♦  High running costs
♦  Costly environmental breaches & penalties
♦  Maintaining maximum operating hours
♦  Hassles, efficiencies, costly installations
♦  Expensive cleanups, monitoring & repairs


Over 20 years experience in environmental protection innovation

Wash Bay Solutions by ECOseals

At ECOseals we know these aspects are important to you and your business because of our passion, expertise and innovation when it comes to chemical storage and wash bay wastewater treatment that spans more than 20 years.

Our systems are modular and portable, and durable enough for use with heavy duty equipment and vehicles such as trucks, buses, tractors, cranes, etc.

ECOseals can supply heavy machinery wash, car wash, truck wash, and bus wash bays, and chemical storage systems for any work site that requires additional environmental precautions for chemical, hazardous waste, asbestos and fuel contamination, or risk of weed contamination.

ECOseals is a unique product, registered under patent number 1041020.

It comes with a comprehensive warranty and a functional life expectancy of at least 30 – 60 years. BRE Centre for Composites Construction has given durability estimates even up to 100 years.


ECOseals offers Dangerous Goods
and Chemical Storage systems that are:

♦  Safe, easy to operate

♦  Requiring minimal maintenance

♦  Modular in design, easily allowing for expansion

♦  Portable for easy decommission and relocation

♦  International standard technology in the treatment process

♦  Small on site footprint –  literally and environmentally

A top quality Dangerous Goods and Chemical Storage system is essential if your business involves any work site that requires additional environmental precautions for chemical, hazardous waste, asbestos and fuel contamination, or risk of weed cross-contamination.