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ECOseals Chemical Storage & Refueling Solutions

ECOseals offer heavy duty, environmentally responsible chemical storage solutions to complex, industrial washing, refueling, and stormwater management issues. Their  wash bays are  the solution when a business requires a facility to safely store hazardous and/or dangerous goods like chemicals, hydrocarbons etc. without endangering the environment.

ECOseals - chemical storage industrial flooring solutions

Chemical Storage & Refueling Solutions

ECOseals industrial flooring is the solution if chemical, hazardous goods and fuel storage requirements are to be met.

♦  Industrial cleaning

♦  Bulk fuel depots

♦  Mine sites

♦  Waste transfer facilities

♦  Vehicle and equipment maintenance facilities

Some of the industry challenges ECOseals can help  overcome include

♦  High running costs
♦  Costly environmental breaches & penalties
♦  Maintaining maximum operating hours
♦  Hassles, efficiencies, costly installations
♦  Expensive cleanups, monitoring & repairs


ECOSEALS fuel supply facility under construction


ECOseals offers Dangerous Goods
and Chemical Storage systems that are:

♦  Safe, easy to install / relocate

♦  Requiring minimal maintenance

♦  Modular in design, easily allowing for expansion

♦  International standard technology in the treatment process

♦  Small on site footprint –  literally and environmentally

A top quality Dangerous Goods and Chemical Storage system is essential if your business involves any work site that requires additional environmental precautions for chemical, hazardous waste, asbestos and fuel contamination, or risk of weed cross-contamination.

Industrial cleaning and storage

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